I have attended several of Pie’s trainings for Brainspotting her knowledge and teaching style is compassionate and informative. I would highly recommend her course to anyone wanting to learn the art of Brainspotting. The class is interactive and full of useful information that can be applied in your next session. -Tarra Benoist LMFT, cc-counseling,com

I’ve had the good fortune to know Dr. Pie Frey as both a trainer and a consultant of Brainspotting.  Her relaxed teaching style makes the trainings enjoyable, her depth of knowledge in the field provides a coherent and comprehensive look at this remarkable therapeutic modality.  As a consultant, she is warm and  helpful in reviewing cases and strategies for the therapeutic session.  She has expanded my comprehension enormously, and I’m a better therapist through knowing her. -Tricia Mageli-Maley, M.A., L.P.



Dr. Frey was trained in Brainspotting in 2006. She is a Senior U.S. and international Brainspotting trainer and has assisted Dr. David Grand, the developer of Brainspotting, in many of his training workshops and intensives. She has trained hundreds of BSP therapists all over the United States in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 since 2009, and will soon also be teaching in Canada.

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I was a participant in two Brainspotting trainings with Dr. Pie Frey and had several consultation sessions with her following those trainings.  Her skills as a teacher were very developed, her presentations were articulate, and the clinical demonstrations were fine examples of the principles she was teaching.  She is also a very sensitive and caring consultant and learning from her was a joy. –Michael J. Maley, Ph.D. Certified Brainspotter